Exploration Design Studio - Xds is one of the premier designers and retailers of fine gold jewelry charms. Specializing in scuba diving, cave diving, wreck diving, marine life. Official jewelers to the Cave Diving Section of the NSS.

We provide:

Exclusive Expressions in Fine Gold Jewelry and Gifts...Scuba diving, cave diving, Dive Rite reel, WKPP style spool, Gary Gentile porthole, line arrows, NSS-CDS, marine life, sea turtles...

Exploration Design Studio - Xds Exclusive Expressions In Fine Gold Jewelry And Gifts
A personal note from John and Sue

We are the people behind Exploration Design Studio-Xds. We both have a love and respect for the wonders of the world around us. We founded this organization after realizing there were limited sources for specialty jewelry for many exploration-type activities such as wreck diving and cave diving, and other activities such as kayaking and aviation.

Our company's goal is to bring to you the finest gold jewelry and gift items to honor, commemorate, and share your goals and adventures. We know the hard work and dedication you have invested in your personal explorations: It is only fitting to honor this commitment with products worthy of the excellence you place in yourself and all that you do.

We have been privileged to meet and to know some modern day Explorers. We admire the qualities these unique individuals possess and think you will too. We will tell you more about what they did, how they did it, and will be sharing their thoughts and aspirations with you.

We look forward to your visits and hope you return here often. If you wish to contact us you may do so here or you may catch up with us flying, diving, biking, hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing, or just exploring the local mall.

Thanks for stopping by. But for now, let's go on a shopping adventure!

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Exploration Design Studio - Xds

Last updated on 7/17/2001

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